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Thousands of Ghanaians React To AY Poyoo’s Claim Thay He Couldn’t Be A Lawyer Because He Is Ugly

An excerpt of Delay’s interview with social media sensation aY Poyoo on the Delay show which is yet to be aired saw, the young star revealing who his mum wanted him to be growing up as a child.

According to him, his mum wanted him to be a doctor but upon seeing his face for the first time in the mirror regarding his looks he changed hi mind on becoming a doctor.

According him he changed his mind because he was too ugly. When asked by Delay on whether good looks is a requirement to be a doctor. He responded that its not necesarily a requirement but he imagined that if he is working on a patient who is in comma and theperson gains consciousness suddenly to find out someone as ugly like him is standing before he or she, the person will die again out of panic from his looks.

Many Ghanaians after watching the video couldn’t control themselves but to burst out with laughter.

Ay is incredibly funny.




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