Throwback: I Will Change Ghana In 18 Months If You Vote For Me-Nana Addo

Some Ghanaians including celebrities have began a #fixthecoountry campaign on twitter as many complain about the bad state the nation finds itself in under the Akufo-Addo’s administration.

Nana Addo is one of the politicians who promised Ghanaians heaven on earth but it appears he couldn’t even give Ghanaians Dubai talk more of Heaven.

This has annoyed some celebrities who believe the President have failed and disappointed Ghanaians in all aspect of his governance.

A throwback publication of when the President was a candidate and he pleaded with Ghanaians to vote for him because he will change the country in 18 months has popped up.

“I am promising you that within 18 months of a new government of the NPP, under my leadership, the face of our country, Ghana, is going to change. We are going to get out of stagnation and backwardness and move our country onto the path of progress and prosperity. We can do it. We, the Ghanaian people, have the capacity to change the circumstances of our lives,” he stated at the time.

“This ‘new Ghana will be a Ghana with opportunities for all, and where everybody is taken care off. We will have a society that is caring and compassionate and expresses solidarity. Nobody is going to be left behind. We are all going to march together, hands linked together, to that great future that beckons us, here in Ghana,” he added.

After voting for him a second term, Ghanaians have dran the conclusion that the President has failed them.



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