Today’s Profile; All You Need To Know About Legendary Actor David Dontoh, Age, Education, Career, Etc

David Kwame Dontoh (born 1964/65) is a Ghanaian actor and television personality who has starred in numerous local and international movies. Dontoh’s primary education was at various schools in Cape Coast, Winneba, and Abakrampa in the Central Region of Ghana. He had his secondary education at Apam Senior High School. Along his career he studied Drama and Theatre at the School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana.

David initially wanted to read Medicine but failed to make the grades to Medical school and therefore decided to take up acting as a career with the hopes of going back to Medical school. His father did not understand why his son, a science student as such who after sixth form wants to “concert” rather than improving on his grades and going to study medicine. Well, it happened that as a result of his decision, his father stopped talking to him for more than two years because he was somehow disappointed.

However, he disclosed how he loved acting and realizing how his whole life depended on it. He later became the host of popular “Agoro” programme on GTV.

David worked for a short time for his father at APPLE (Association of People for Practical Life Education) which happened to be a subsidiary of USAID in the Brong Ahafo Region. According to David, he did some illustrations on Agriculture in the Tropics for Dr Olean Hess, one of the directors of USAID, and guess what, he was recommended as a person with artistic talents. That was just the beginning to David because it was just that same time that the Ghana Film Industry Corporation (GFIC) put up an advert for people who wanted to train as actors.

He went for an audition and was one of the 40 successful applicants selected out of the 150. The successful applicants were then trained under the late George Andoh Wilson, who named the school, Wilson’s Acting Academy. Mr. Andoh Wilson who trained at the London Gild Hall School of Drama and was in charge of Osagyefo players, a drama group that rehearsed at the Flagstaff House, took them through the Gild Hall three year training syllabus.

During this period of training, David Dontoh had the chance of taking part in a small play titled – GUS – the theatre cat and written by T. S. Elliot. The play was showcased on TV during the Mike Hagan show where Mr. Andoh Wilson was being interviewed as a celebrity and was asked to put up something he was doing.

David Dontoh performed the lead role GUS so well such that, Mike Hagan praised him a lot. The praises further gave him the encouragement that he could act well. Ever since then till now, David has been on top of his game and has done a great job in the movie industry.

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Source: Wikipedia and Lifestyle.ghanabase contributed with some excerpts to making this story.

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