Tracey Boakye sacks Instagram Nudist Shugatiti from attending her wedding dinner due to her indecent dressing

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Ghanaian Instagram Nudist Shugatiti is currently unhappy with her friend Tracey Boakye

According to Shugatiti, She was bounced by the security at #fRANCEY22

She claim this happened because of the poor attire and how she might drive attention to herself instead of the bride

Social media users have since praised Tracey Boakye for taking such a bold step

Tracey Boakye’s wedding with her Husband theme #Francey22 is the talk of Town despite the wedding ending a couple of days ago. However Instagram Nudist Shugatiti has revealed how she was bounced by the security of the event due to her dress.

In a video, Shugatiti was spotted in a long blue dress with an open slit all the way to her hip showing certain things which might take all the attention from the bride to herself despite it being the bride’s big day

Angry Shugatiti granted a short interview after she was bounced to show her displeasure and express how disappointing she was as she considers herself as a friend of the bride.

Social media users have since praised Tracey for taking such a step as Shugatiti might steal all the attention from her despite it being her event.