Tracey Boakye shows off her Property document to prove to Ghanaians that she bought her houses herself

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This brouhaha between Tracey Boakye and Kennedy Agyapong seem to be getting serious as they are both at each other throat. It seems the actress is enjoying all the Attention she is getting as she cant keep quite after Kennedy mentioned her name in his brouhaha`

In a facebook live yesterday, She dared Kennedy Agyapong to release the said video she is using to blackmail the former President.  She claim that , if Kennedy is able to bring out the said vide, she will drink poison to kill herself.

This morning, she came live again and this time she brought out her document to rove that the houses she stays in are in her name and she that she bought it herself

According to him, she slept with a lot of men to buy those properties and that she didnt steal it. Checkout the screenshot below