Tracey Boakye’s #Francey22 Thank You Billboard is allegedly mounted on Vivian Jill’s junction, close source reveals

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The Internet went crazy a couple of days ago when a picture of a billboard baring the names #Francey22 The Wedding of Tracey Boakye and Frank Ntiamoah tanking her friends and family for making it to the wedding surfaced online. The wedding announcement brought a lot of controversies with some digging into the past life of the groom.

According information before the wedding, the groom Mr Frank Ntiamoah was once engaged to the godmother of his wife Tracey Boakye, Vivian Jill for 10 years but she alleged cheated on him and had a kid for the new person which made Frank move on. Tracey has been criticized by a lot of people for flaunting and being too loud about her wedding without learning from her predecessors like Xandy Kamel

Tho some are praising her from being a smart girl others are also bashing her for snatching the boyfriend of her god mother. Tho the bill board brought it own controversies, A popular blog on Instagram has dropped the latest info about it. According to the blog, The #Francey22 billboard is allegedly mounted on the same junction where her god mother Vivian Jill reside.