Tracy sarkcess explains why it’s not a good idea for Sarkodie to sign on to any International record label

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Sarkodie’s wife, Tracy Owusu Addo, known in showbiz as Tracy SarkCess has schooled a Twitter user on why it’s not a good idea for her husband and any other Ghanaian artist in general to sign on to an international record label.

Tracy was forced to make the comment following a proposition a Twitter user with the name @shawnnybills made. According to the guy Sarkodie is a big brand so he needs a reputable firm to distribute his songs internationally.

“The only thing we for tell @sarkodie to do is to let international label to distribute his works for the international market, like what Island records did to party and bullshit, Sony/dice did to Highest album. We for enter that market,” he tweeted.

Tracy opined that one loses the rights and a very large portion of their own streaming revenue if their music is distributed by a major record label.

“So you got ask yourself, is it worth it to be paid off a lump sum of money at once and then the label “eats” from your work for eternity or do it yourself and actually earn from your shows and streams in for the rest of your life?” she asked.

She continued: “All the big artists you see are paid off for their work which is good… but what is 1 million or even 10million dollars worth in 10yrs? Simple math… A million for a yr is ca. 83k a month and a 10mill in 10yrs is a million a year… what shows you can’t even that money &…”

She also noted that a label you get the clout, recognition and numbers but that necessarily translate into money in the money an artist gets into their pockets.

“That’s why you see a lot of artists still become broke after having so much success later on in life. Someone who owned 100mill can still be broke with all his/her business, how much more someone who is paid off,” she added.

Eventually she asked Ghanaians to appreciate artists who run their own affairs and still remain consistent

“So please guys let’s big up a lot of our Ghanaian artistes because they are doing this alone with mostly no help but just pure talent. Hardly anyone invests in them although we got so many rich ppl in this country and no industry structure!