Trade fair demolishing; Raymond Archer expresses disappointment in McDan.

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One of the people affected by the demolishing at the trade fair center has stated his utmost disappointment in the owner of McDan group of companies Daniel McKorley about his recent statements concerning the demolishing exercise.

After the demolishing Raymond Archer stated that his structures were demolished because of his political affiliation. According to him the management of the trade fair center purposely targeted him since he is not on the same page with them when it comes to politics

Daniel McKorley on the same issue was advising entrepreneurs not to mix business with politics since it might cause the downfall of their job. he sighted the demolishing of structures at the trade fair center as an example talking about Raymond Archers situation which seems not to go well with the later.

He stated that if Raymond wants a space in the plan he could have just asked for it instead of making all that noise. But Raymond in an interview also stated that he pleaded with the management of the trade fair center to be given an opportunity within the redevelopment of trade fair in order to site his business which he did not get.