Trending Video: Military men “discipline” a young man for videoing them while carrying out the President’s order of Lock down

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As typical of Ghanaians, some people have already decided to go against the president’s imposition of restrictions on some towns as a measure to deal with the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease on the very first day.

Even though the instructions were very clear about the things people can only go out to do and the people who are allowed to go out in the next 14 days, many people are acting nonchalant in Kumasi, Accra and the capital to be specific.

Well, one such recalcitrant was not lucky because he was nabbed by members of the military task force who are supposed to maintain peace and security during this period when he tried to take an unauthorized video of them.

In a video that is currently tending, the young man was asked to pinch his ears and squat as a form of punishment for acting as the real boss by the military men who captured it on tape.

Watch the video below