Unseen Pics & Rich Lifestyle of Peace FM’s Father Dickson Exposed!

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Every ardent listener of Peace 104.3 Fm may have once heard the flash or ring of a popular name “Father Dickson” known to be the Managing Director plus Producer of their many Shows from Krokokoo to their Drive time shows “Father’s Name” is no joke around the Circus of Peace FM and Despite Media. CEO of Despite Media regards him as more than brother due to word on the ground which suggests “Father Dickson” have been around since the gory days of Osei Kwame Despite Selling Cassettes on the Streets of Kantamanto to the gloomy days of the rise and hit of Peace 104.3 Fm and now its many branches under one umbrella named Despite Group.

Hence, as always your favorite blog dug soo deep to bring Unseen Pics and Rich lifestyle of “Father Dickson” travelling around the world, cruising in 1st Class Airlines, chilling at expensive locations whiles on Holidays and posing with his expensive cars. Father Dickson who likes to keep his life and dealings private has been uncovered by Pinaxonline.com exclusively – see pics below!