Update No 15: What Ghanaians expect in the President’s Nation Adress tonight

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The President of the country will be delivering his speech today concerning the measures taken to help stop the spread of the virus.

There are a lot of things Ghanaians are hoping to hear since the COVID 19 has made the world come to a Stand still.

The virus which became widely known in December has infected a lot of people and killed thousands especially in the western world.

In Ghana, some of the preventive measures the government put in place was to close the borders, schools were shut down, number of people who sit in a bus were reduced, clubs and food courts were also closed , lastly the use of nose mask were enforced

Tonight, Ghanaians have shared their opinions on certain things they thing the President will talk about

  1. The re opening of Schools
  2. Borders will be open
  3. Night clubs can operate now
  4. Transport fares will be reduced since it was increased a few weeks ago
  5. Those without nose mask in public places will be arrested