Update on Nollywood Actors Kidnapped: Cynthia Okereke’s bank account has been cleared

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Nigerians are shocked by the sadden kidnap of two of their veteran Actors.

Mrs Cynthia Okereke and Mr Clemson Cornel has sadly been kidnap from a movie set they were on

According to the President of the Nigeria’s Actors Guild, They are still waiting for the kidnappers to contact them

However the account of Cynthia Okereke has been cleared

The President of the Nigeria Actors Guild, Mr Emeka Rollas has given an update on the kidnapping of two of his member, Mrs Cynthia Okereke and Mr Clemson Cornel. According to him, the Actors are currently missing and have not been confirmed Kidnapped.

In an Interview with Saturday beats, Mr Emeka Rollas in his words, said: “We have not confirmed the Kidnap as it were. The only thing we know is that all the Money in Cynthia Okereke’s account was cleared this Morning{Friday}. We are expecting to get some kind of signal from the people holding them hostage to know whether it is kidnapping or not.

However according to a statement released by one of the board members of the Actor’s Guild, it read:“The two members were suspected to having been kidnapped, Which has increased fear among members about the safety of Actors acting in the country, Because of the sad Development, the National President of the Guild, Emeka Rollas has instructed all Actors to avoid going outskirts of cities to film except full security cover is provided to ensure their safety”