Update!! Unarmed Black Father Who Was Shot 7 Times By A White Police Officer Has Been Left Paralyzed (Video)

Recall that we reported on an unarmed black father who was shot in the back 7 times by a white police officer right in front of his children. A video of the footage which went gone viral caused an uproar in America and on social media. Reports gathered indicated that the police were called to a scene as a result of domestic. They got to the scene but it ended up with one of the policemen shooting the black man on August 23.

The shooting led to a riot and as a result, a state of emergency and curfew was put in effect by authorities until Monday, August 24. The black man identified as 29-year-old Jacob Blake. Reports indicated that he was airlifted to a Milwaukee hospital but in a serious condition following the shooting.

Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers issued a statement denouncing “excessive use of force” by the police.

Reports reaching us at our outfit indicates that the young father has been left paralyzed from his waist down as a result of the shooting.

Jacob Blake Snr who happens to be the victims father disclosed that his son is paralysed but doctors are not sure if his condition will remain permanent. This is what he had to say; ”eight holes” in his body from the shooting. contradicting police report that he was shot 7 times.

Checkout the video of the shooting below;

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