Valentine’s Day: History And Significance of The Celebration

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St Valentine’s Day is an annual festival which is for the celebration of romantic love, friendship and admiration. On 14th February every year, on people across the globe celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.


Valentine Day was named after a Roman priest called Saint Valentine who lived in Rome during the 3rd Century. 14th February was proclaimed St. Valentine’s day after Saint Valentine was jailed and executed on 14th February under the orders of the emperor Claudius11 for marrying soldiers secretly in Christian ceremonies against his wish.

At the time Claudius was an emperor of Rome who wanted all soldiers to be devoted to Rome and never marry but Saint Valentine married them in Christian ceremonies secretly. While in jail he was said to have cared for his fellow inmates and even showed more love by healing his jailor’s blind daughter of her blindness.

Before his execution on February 14th he wrote his jailor’s daughter a love message signed ‘from your Valentine’.

In contemporary times, Valentine’s day is equally celebrated as a means of showing affection, care and support to one another. Some of the items that are usually exchanged among love ones are chocolate, rose flowers, gift cards, clothes, shoes and extreme cases dinner date.

Today is that day of the year again and many will go extra miles to prove how much they love their close associates. Put a smile on someone’s lips today.