Video: 2 employees at Ridge Hospital exposed by Anas for Selling PPE’s meant for the Doctors and Nurses

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Undercover journalist for Tiger iP, Anas Aremeya Anas has dropped the second part of his investigative work on ho People are illegally profiting from the COVID 19 funds.

The first part which as released a few weeks ago titled “Corona Quacks” focused on some supposed health expert who sold unapproved drug as a cure for COVID 19.

He has finally released his much anticipated second part of his expose’ titled “Cashing on COVID” In the video released, two employees of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Thomas Osei, a medicine counter Assistant and Divine Kumordzi of the sewing unit of the Hospital were seen in the video selling Personal protective Equipment (PPE) that are meant to be given to health workers for use.

Whiles Doctors and nurses are complaining of lack of PPE’s these two of Ridge Hospital were busy selling it.