Video; Afia Schwar is a 1st Class B!tçh Ashawo, Nana T0rnάd0 R!ps into Afia again!

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As mandated, we always on our toes to give nothing but the best, on this Account we got closer to Nana T0rnάdo to get more Insight about her Failed relationship with Afia and How t all Started. But in explanation he made emphasis that “Afia Schwar” has always wanted to portray to the world that he “Nana T0rnάdo” is his pupit.

He further said that all allegations aginst Afia that she St0le the Gold Chain from former Boyfriend Johnny is 100% percent true, also adding that he has all Secrets of “Afia Schwar” which could end her career should her former whisper and later adding that Afia Schwar is a 1st Class B!tçh Ashawo, and even in all she Afia is no B!tçh than him “Nana T0rnάd0”

See and Watch Nana T0rnάd0 Full Video Interview Below!