Video: Akoo Nana Fires Rex Omar For Allegedly Using GHAMRO’s Money To Buy Cars

Ghanaian musician Akoo Nana joins the group of musicians accusing Rex Omar of embezzling funds meant for Ghanaian musicians. Reports has it that his ourburst on Rex Omar comes after the chairman of GHAMRO who happens to be Rex Omar himself accused the Akufo-Addo of using Ghana’s money to acquire a private jet.

The video which has been spotted by our outfit sees Akoo Nana sending a word of caution to the “Dada Di Da” hit-maker asking him to stop making mockery of himself because he is also spending GHAMRO’s money. Akoo Nana also disclosed that Rex Omar had a small Renault car but drives quiet a number of cars after becoming the chair of GHAMRO.

Akoo Nana took to his Instagram page and shared the video with caption;

The chairman of Ghamro Rex Omar @rexomar_ and his board members including

Obour must be investigated by the government of Ghana for the corruption and their mediocre and abysmal performance. They have failed all Ghanaian musicians

Checkout the video below;



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