Video: Angry Liverpool Fans Smash Real Madrid’s Team Bus Window With Stones

Latest report gathered by our outfit indicates that Real Madrid’s team bus was damaged by Liverpool fans while the bus was on its route to Anfield to yesterday April 14, 2021 champions league clash between the 2 clubs.

A video footage which has been sighted by our outfit shows a broken window on the side of the bus outside Loverpool’s home as stones were thrown at the bus breaking the window which actually faces the seat where Zinedine Yazid Zidane sat.

A video also shows Liverpool staff cleaning up a pile of broken glasses couple with other police officers who were present.

Liverpool has officially reacted to the incident saying;

” We condemn unequivocally the actions that led to Real Madrid’s team bus being damaged during its arrival to Anfield this evening. It is totally un acceptable and shameful behaviour of a few individuals. We sincerely apologise to our visitors for any distress caused. We will work together with Merseyside Police to establish the facts and identify those responsible”

Checkout the video below;

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