Video: Another US based Ghanaian pastor send death threat to his wife over signing of divorce papers

A couple of Months ago a US based Ghanaian Pastor carried out a threat he made to his wife when they were on the verge of a Divorce.

Ghanaians in abroad and home will never forget Pastor Silvester Ofori who murdered his wife Barbara Tommy in cold blood.

Another fast trending video of a Ghanaian pastor in the United state threatening his wife (Betty) to sign divorce papers after she helped him get to the US and Obtained a green card has surfaced online.

From the Video, the man could be seen giving the divorced papers to his wife (Betty) to sign the papers for them to go their separate ways.

However she and her family are resisting to sign the paper because according to her, Her husband now has a green card because of her and she is requesting it back before she signs the papers

The man has refused to hand over the green card which has made the woman also refuse to sign the papers

In the moment of a heated argument between the pastor and his wife, the pastor made a death threat and the family made it known to him that if anything happens to their daughter he will be held responsible
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