Video: Beautiful Lady Weeps Uncontrollably As Her Beloved Boyfriend Spends Her GHS 10,000 Meant For The Restocking Of Her Shop On His Side Chick

by - 2 mins

A viral video which has been spotted by our outfit captures the sad moment a female shop keeper was left heartbroken after giving a whopping 10,000 cedis to her beloved boyfriend ”Nana Essel” to shoot a music video.

According to report, the young lady was supposed to use the 10,000 cedis to restock goods to the shop but she blindly gave the money to her boyfriend with the hope of being featured in the music video. The young man, ”Nana Essel”, according to sources spent the money on his side chick and guess what, he went ahead and used the side chick for the video without using his actual girlfriend who gave him the money.

The broken hearted lady could be seen caling her Nana Essel but all things point to the fact that she has been blocked by him as she kept receiving the ” cannot be reached” respond. The video which has since gone viral has some social media commentators calling out Nana Essel for his actions whiles other were also blaming the young lady for giving such an amount of money to her boyfriend without knowing him too well.

Checkout the video below;