Video: “Being A Good Girl Doesn’t Pay!” Crossdresser Bobrisky Advises Girls To Be Unfaithful And Date Money Spenders, Netizens React.

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky real name Idris Okuneye has ‘advised’ ladies  that being a good and faithful girl doesn’t pay.

The male barbie has always bragged about dating billionaires and wealthy guys, according to him staying faithful to a guy doesn’t pay because they don’t gain anything.

In the video shared on his official Instagram page, he asked ladies to take this advise in 2021 by letting the ‘money spender’ spend on them.

In his words;

“If you’re going to follow Bobrisky advise in 2021 raise your hands up, good girl doesn’t pay. Hope you know that? I’m a good girl, I don’t go out I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend, it doesn’t pay!

“In 2020, you have been a good girl and what have you gained, let the money spender spend on you dear.”

This video has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians, although some girls have concurred other have said that money isn’t everything.

See screenshots/video below;

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