Video: Bobrisky finally cuts his “Magic Stick’ to complete his transition from Male to Female

Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has dropped a new video and in this video, it seems he has finally gotten rid of his ‘D’ to complete his transition from male to female.

It’s either Bobrisky has finally cut his ‘D’ or hiding it somewhere beneath his waist since nothing resembling a ‘D’ was seen in the below video.

Bobrisky was seen in the video dancing and having fun as usual, but his ‘D’ had no traces in his leggings.

We spotted a funny comment on Instagram which says Bobrisky could be hiding his ‘D’ in his anus.

Bobrisky has gone through several surgeries to complete his transition from male to female and it could be that he’s had another surgery to have his ‘D’ replaced with a ‘V’.

In a video previous video, Bobrisky was heard warning his Instagram followers to stop referring to her as Bro or male because he is now a complete woman.

Take a look at his video below and see if you can spot his ‘D’.

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