Video: “Bobrisky Threatened To Kill Me!” Crossdresser James Brown Says Bobrisky Sent Death Threats To Him.

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown a.k.a ‘Did They Caught Me’ has cried out saying that popular Crossdresser Bobrisky called to threaten him to stop stealing contents.

According to Brown, Bobrisky also threatened to kill him if he doesn’t stop creating content on his page. He disclosed this via a video on his official Instagram page on Friday, January 15.

He said;

“Hey Darlings, so today Bobrisky called me, I even thought she called to greet me… Bobrisky told me to stop creating content on my page. Bobrisky even threatened to kill me!”

He captioned the video;

“For once I’m my life, I have never dragged position with nobody I have always been Jamesbrown they didn’t caught me that everyone know since day one,

“So if you have any problem with the content I am putting out for the brands I am working for I don’t give a haut. That’s some period.

“You already blocked me everywhere for months now on every platform , so why the treat I am just a realistic person and having on my platform …”

See video below;



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