Video: Boko Haram takes over Kuje Federal Prisons, releases over 300 hardened Criminals into Abuja

by - 2 mins

In a new developing incident currently happening in Nigeria with Bombs and Gunshot being heard, It is alleged that the most feared terrorist gang in the country Boko Haram has taken over Prisons in Kuje a suburb in Abuja freeing the most hardened criminals

According to reports, The gang stormed the facilities around 10pm using explosives and opening fire on the security agents who were present at that time making them run for their live hence giving them the power to control the facilities.

According to a senior government official as reported by The Tattle Room Ng, In his words, he said: “Suspected Boko Haram attackers have just seized the prisons from our control,” an official said to Peoples Gazette.

“They have destroyed the prison and we don’t know what they plan to do next.”

“All major, biggest terrorists, armed robbers and kidnappers have escaped,” a top security source told The Gazette.

The source also claim soldiers and other security agencies around the facilities also fled for their lives when the terrorist gang around around 10pm in over 1000 motorcycles.

The Prison is said to be one of the biggest Prisons in Nigerians which houses over 700 high profile offenders including former Governors and Ministers

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