Video : Chinese Journalist Goes Mad for Shatta Wale and Sings ‘My Level’ With Style

Dancehall king Shatta Wale’s music transcends nations and cultures, with the simplicity of his lyrics and the enthusiasm embedded in his beats contagious to all.

A Chinese journalist known as Esther has caught the Shatta Wale virus and declared her love for the ‘My Level’ hitmaker.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Ghanaian journalist Gary Al-Smith, Esther mentions to her Ghanaian colleague that she loves Shatta Wale. In fact, she was in Ghana last year for the mega Reign Concert at the Trade Fair Centre during which Wale launched ‘The Reign’ album.

Esther mentioned that her favourite Wale song is ‘My Level’, and she even went ahead to sing some of its lyrics in her adorable Chinese accent.

Funnily, but not surprisingly, Esther noticed the infamous Ghanaian habit of being late for everything, aka Ghanaman Time (GMT). According to her although the concert was advertised for 8pm, even the fans didn’t arrive on time, pushing the concert’s start time to somewhere around 10.

She also expressed love for Kuami Eugene and his song ‘Confusion’; which led Gary Al-Smith to inform her that Wale and Eugene have a song together.

Her mind would explode then when she listens to ‘Adwen Fi’.

Watch Esther sing ‘My Level in the video below…
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