Video: “Churches encourage your women to undergo Cesarean Section”- Actress Etinosa

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With the recent increase in childbirth mortality caused majorly by the refusal of expectant mothers to undergo Cesarean Section, concerned individuals have come out to caution pregnant women to take their lives and that of their babies as a sole priority and that they shouldn’t mind the stereotype against Cesarean Section.

Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has also given her advice on the issue, urging churches to encourage their women to undergo CS by normalizing it in their churches.

She also said that churches should stop telling women that they need to deliver like the Hebrew women and calling on the God of Isaac to deliver them.

She added God made it possible for people to invent CS, surrogacy and adoption.

She also cautioned pregnant women who always say that God said they shouldn’t take drugs and go through operation.

“If you don’t take your health seriously and the health of your child, you will die.” She said.

See video below: