Video: Ghanaian Lady In Viral Video With Aged White Woman Cries Out; Says The Videos Are Being Leaked

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Recall that we earlier reported on a disgusting video which captures the shocking moment an old white woman decided to maltreat her young black house help.

In the viral video, the yet to be identified black woman could be seen going about her chores in the house and guess what, the white woman stood right beside her and starts spitting on her for God knows what.

The young black woman held her cool and never uttered a word to the old lady as she went about with her chores. The video which has been shared on social media has got quite a number of people sharing their views. Some praised the black woman for being able to control her temper whiles others were of the view that she should have knocked the old woman out.

Well, the young lady in question has since been identified as a Ghanaian and guess what, she has been captired having a great time with the old woman who maltreated her. In the video, they were both seen holdingba glass of wine as the show off their dance moves.

The Ghanaian lady has officially spoken and she did so with Naana Donkor Arthur, a U.S based councilor. According to the Ghanaian lady, the woman is actually not a bad person but acted that way because she is suffering from dementia.

She added that she has been working with her as her caregiver for the past 5 years now and due to her condition, the old lady started calling police on her so she took the video to keep as evidence of what she sometimes goes through. She also added that her mobile phone got missing, the reason why the videos are being leaked with her nudes.

Checkout the video below;