Video: Hardcore Nana Agradaa Cries Like A Baby After She Landed In The Bosom Of The BNI Over Her Fake ”Sika Gari” Scam

In the early hours of today April 21, 2021, news about the arrest of the popular fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa went viral on social media.

The reports that became famous online proposed that she was captured in association with her fake cash multiplying trick called ‘sika gari’.

A portion of the reports likewise added that her two TV channels, Thunder TV and Ice 1 TV were shut down and every one of their resources and hardware were seized all the while.

In the midst of all the web-based media responses to this story, the owner of Borga TV has disclosed that Nana Agradaa wept like a baby after she was captured and put in jail.

As indicated by him, Nana Agradaa is denying that she has at any point tricked somebody of their monies in her bid to double it up for them through her fake ‘sika gari’ scam.

He likewise encouraged all to call certain numbers and give proof to the way that they have been tricked by Nana Agradaa while attempting to get a portion of her ‘sika gari’.

Checkout the video below;

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