video: Heartbreaking moment a white police office comforted a tearful black girl after she asked if she was going to be shot during George Floyd’s protest in Houston

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A white police officer has been filmed comforting a tearful black little girl who panicked after seeing him during George Floyd’s protest in Houston.

The five year old girl who goes by the name Simone asked the police officer if she was gong to be shot during the Protest. She attended the Protest with her parent on Saturday.

The officer put her at ease with some comforting words after she started to cry thinking the cops was going to shoot her. Her father Simone posted the video on his twitter page to let people know there are some good white cops around. The video has been shared 17k times and has received 70k likes since it was posted.

The father wrote: “During the protest in Houston yesterday one of the police officers noticed my daughter crying.”She asked him”Are you gonna shoot us”he got on one knee wrapped his arm around her and responded: “We are here to protect you, okay. We are not here to hurt you at all. You can protest, you can party, you can do whatever you want”.

Just don’t break nothing :he added