Video: I Am Sincerely Sorry My Junior Sister, Nayas Apologizes To Pamela Odame As The Heavy Chested Slay Queen Cries Like A Baby

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Recall that we reported on Ghanaian slay queen, Pamela Odame Watara, shedding uncontrollable tears as she disclosed that she has placed a curse on Nayas not by word of mouth but an inward curse with Nana Tornado being the cause of all the drama going on.

Nana Tornado in an interview on Kantanka TV with NaYas made the bold statement saying he had his way with Pamela some 3 years ago when she was a prostitute. According to Nana Tornado, he had plans of settling down with Pamela after she disclosed to him she was from Kenya but later changed his mind when he saw her on social media speaking the local Twi language. Nana Tornado disclosed that he is ever ready to defend this allegation should Pamela and her management try dragging him to court.

Pamela Odame was of the view that Nayaas shouldn’t have allowed Tornado to go on with his allegation she she did so for clout. Nayas came out saying if Pamela does not stop dragging her name she will curse the heavy chested slay queen with ”Antoa”.

Pamela Odame in the interview with Kingdom FM disclosed that it was never her intention to disappoint Nayas on her show. She cried like a baby explaining what she goes through after Nayaas showed her fake love. She used the “F” word a couple of times and called Nayas ungrateful for her actions towards her.

Well, in a latest inview which has been chanced on by, Nayas boldly disclosed that she has found Christ and for that matter she is letting go her past life.

Pamela Odame joined the show and guess what, Nayas displayed her sense on maurity. She apologized to Pamela Odame Watara saying she is indeed sorry for whatever wrong she did against her and guess what, they smoked the peace pipe by hugging each other.

Checkout the video below;