Video: “I Changed The Life Of My Family, If I Wasn’t Doing Music I Would Be On The Streets” Wizkid Reveals.

Nigerian music star, Wizkid real name Ayodeji Balogun has spoken on why he always tries to help the less privilege people whenever he gets the opportunity.

Naomi Campbell has asked him why he always dishes out money whenever he steps out, she asked him this question on the new episode of her No Filter interview released on Wednesday, December 16.

According to her, when she came to Lagos and they went out together he was always fond of loading himself with money and giving it out when they’re step out.

Wizkid then revealed that if he wasn’t doing music he would be on the streets because he didn’t come from a wealthy home, he added that he was the one that changed the life of his family.

He said;

“if I wasn’t doing music I would probably be on the streets, my parents weren’t wealthy, I changed the life of my family.”

See video below;

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