Video: I Love You Delay And I Want To Taste Your Lips-Stephanie Benson Discloses Skin To Skin Photo of She And Delay Went Viral

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Not long ago a photo of Ghanaian singer Stephanie Benson and show host Delay hugging so tight popped up on social media and netizens began to question whether they’re lesbian partners.

The photo generated mixed reaction from social media users who couldn’t fathom on what exactly is going on between Delay and Stephanie Benson.

From the horses own mouth, Stephanie has finally confessed that she fell in love with Delay the first time she met her and she is still in love with her but has her marriage at stake.

In a video sighted she revealed that she wishes to go unclad for delay as well as taste her lips. She stressed that she will be glad if Delay loves her a little bit but if she doesn’t there’s no problem with that.

Stephanie added that when the photo of them both hugging so tight popped up she thought that could be the time Delay will fall for her.