Video: “I will deal with you spiritually” Dr Oteng’s daughter threaten Stacy Amoateng

Self Acclaimed daughter of Dr. Kwaku Oteng , Adu Safowaa has threaten the host of Restoration Stacy Amoateng to deal with her spiritually after Stacy Amoateng reported her to the police over a video she made to her.

Yesterday, Adu Safowaa released a video blaming Stacy Amoateng, the executive director of Angel Broadcasting Network of trying to destroy her.

In the video, Adu Safowaa claim she contacted some to help her do some flyers at the media company but Stacy Amoateng stopped it form happening due to some personal stuffs.

She further went on to call Stacy an evil person,a snitch, jealous and even alleged that she is behind the collapse of Akua GMB’s marriage to Dr Oteng.

According to her in another video, she decided to let the issue die down but it seems Stacy wants to take the issue to the next level as she has involved the police.

“I decided to let it all go because my Prophet and other renowned people around me told me to but you had the effrontery to report me to the police. Dont play with me, I will deal with you spiritually.



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