Video: I’m The Most Faithful Guy Alive, I Will Never Cheat On My Girl No Matter Who She Is- Fameye Reveals!

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In our contemporary world, cheating has now become a norm that both men and women do not see the essence of being faithful to ones partner in a relationship. Partners in relationships sees nothing wrong in going after another woman or man once they give you the needed satisfaction and attention in the relationship.

One person who has vowed never to let a woman or girl he is in a relationship to feel insecured and go through the pain of being cheated on is musician Fameye.

In a yet to be aired interview sighted by, the “Nothing I Get” crooner told Emelia the host of the show that ones he agrees to be in a relationship with a woman, every other lady doesn’t exist apart from the one he’s seeing.

“In the entire world I know love, if I’m dating you it all and will always be about you regardless of who you the lady, I don’t check any other lady” He said.

When quizzed weather he has experienced a broken heart before he responded in the affirmative.

Watch video below: