Video: Kanye West Cries Like A Baby Whiles Giving A Speech At His First Rally In His Bid To Become President

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You would recall that we reported on Kanye West officially announcing his bid for the United States Presidency via his twitter handle. Kanye stated categorically that he is running for the presidency this year. He took to twitter and tweeted saying;

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States#2020VISION

In his bid to become the president of America, Kanye decided to hold his first rally to address some issues but it seems people were not impressed with his delivery. 50 Cent after watching Kanye deliver his message to the citizens of America reacted with shock and blamed Jay- Z for reasons best known to him. 50 took to Instagram and shared a short video of Kanye making a delivery with caption;

what the fuck did he just say. This is all Jay z fault , kanye’s first Rally. LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

Well in a new video which has been spotted by our outfit, Kanye could be spotted giving a speech at his very first rally talking about how his mum saved his life. He further revealed how he would’t have been who he is now if not for the timely intervention of his mother. He also disclosed that his father was never present because he was always busy but the sad thing is, tears flowed down his cheeks like a baby just at the mention of his father.

Checkout the video below for the full gist;