Video: Keche Andrews used me as his ATM, chop me several times, dumped me and Married Joana Gyan, thats why I cursed him

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An angry yet to be identified lady has been spotted in a video cursing popular Musician Keche Andrews for causing her naked photos to be leaked online.

The angry lady cursed the musician with the river god in her home town whiles holding eggs which she will later smash on the floor to complete the curse.

In the viral video, she explained that she was dating, She became an ATM to him after he promised to marry her as she felt she was with the right man until she kept seeing Pictures of him and Joana but Keche assured her that Joana was only a friend.

According to her, she spent a lot of money supporting his music career based on the marriage promise he gave her. Going live on Instagram she revealed what happened. Watch video below