Video: CCTV Captures Lady Stealing Bone Straight Hair From a Store, Netizens React.

Amidst the preparation for the festive season, the crime rates seems to be skyrocketing, crimes dang ng from theft, kidnap and the likes.

Nigerians have reacted to a viral video of a woman captured by a CCTV camera while she was stealing a expensive human hair from a store.

A Twitter user named @iamKellyJoe first posted the video on Thursday, November 26 saying that the woman stole the ‘bone straight wig’.

He wrote;

“This lady confidently walked into a store and stole bone straight hair worth 200k. Omo!!!”

Apparently, the woman pretended to be a customer and picked out a bundle, however when the shop attendant went to get the phone for payment, the lady took another without the knowledge of the attendant.

This video has generated sparks online thousands of Nigerians have commented on the issue. Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi, Feyikemi Abudu and a host of others have reacted.

Some reactions read;

@AdesuaEtomiW wrote;“Why do this? 🤦‍♀️🤡”

@FkAbudu wrote; “People are stealing to have bone straight? 🥴 Mask, sunglasses, pretending to be on the phone. This babe came prepared and they probably won’t find her”

@Gbenuwiz wrote; “Basically, the society set the standard of bone straight hair as being an accomplishment. She fell under the pressure of the society, she then committed this crime. I’m not surprised.”

@paulroyale wrote; “She wasn’t supposed to be allowed to go in with her bag in the first place, if you sell things that can be easily put in a bag, you don’t let customers go in with anything bigger than a purse.”

See video below;



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