Video: Man Receives Beating Of His Life For Allegedly Making Fake Transfer After Business Transaction, Netizens React.

A video of about three men beating up a yet-to-be identified young guy has caused a massive stir online.

The video was first posted by Twitter user named @Uzomathias on Wednesday morning, January 13. In the video, three men were captured beating up a man mercilessly.

One of the ‘beaters’ was clothed in a uniform commonly associated to security men attached to organisations. @Uzomathias said that the victim was receiving the beating because he performed a fake transfer

He wrote;

‘My nigga did fake transfer 😭 see beating ffs”

This video has sparked outrage online as many Tweeps have condemned the beating, many of them have pointed out that Nigerians are fighting against police brutality but they are practicing jungle justice. However, some have supported the treatment meted out on the victim.

@Tasonivan wrote;

“Remove hand from Fraud, you no wan hear… This is what you Deserve!!!

@louis4noow wrote;

“This is wrong abeg! All you need do is restrain him and hand him over to the police.. you do not take laws into your hands and jungle justice can never be justified.”

@MartinUkwenya wrote;

“I like the fact that they used ciao filter for aesthetics”

@Cokerjaphet wrote;

This is just wrong. Yes, he did a fake transfer and you caught him. Why not take him to the authorities to fuck him up cause if something should happen to this guy (death) your place will close down and you’ll go to jail!”

@TheArtDirector2 wrote;

“Every stupid thing in this country is a result of another stupid thing. Because you probably have to pay the police to do their jobs or the criminal will bribe his way out, you have to resort to your own form of justice”

See screenshot/video below;

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