Video: Michy should get a Husband if she thinks she is a qualified wife material – Counselor Lutterodt

Ghana’s controversial Counselor Lutterodt has fired some shots at Shatta Wale’s baby-mama, Michy. According to him on TV Africa, the two’s reunion will be a national disaster. Counselor Lutterodt stated that the two shouldn’t be pushed to reunite because of their son Shatta Majesty and that he prays they never come back together.

In addition to his heartbreaking comment that will definitely trigger Michy to fire him, Lutterodt said:

If Michy is a qualified beautiful girl which we all know, somebody should pick up the girl and marry her.

Lets see her marry. At 15 years younger age you went to stay with Shatta Wale and then you gave birth to a child and they are not able to pay your bride price till you child is grown.

Look Women think o it’s not about an International Women’s Day and it’s not about transformation of women and it’s not about equality.

Stop the silly thing and shine your eyes. Wasting your energy on men.’ 

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