Video: Monday Motivation From NAM1 As He Speaks Today

Embattled CEO of Menzgold Nana Appiah Mensah who is popularly known as NAM1 will finally be speaking today concerning the drama over the past few month. will keep you updated as to what ever happens after the embattled CEO speaks.

He will be speaking exactly at 11 AM today at the MJ Grand Hotel which is located at East Legon and it’s strictly by invitation. In his preparation to speak today, he decided to share some motivational message to upcoming entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs as a whole.

This is what he has to say;

Goodmorning to all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Ghana, Africa and the world. May I pay my sincere respect, solidarity to defunct Ghanaian businesses?. On this day, I choose to share the true life of an entrepreneur speakers at Seminars, Symposiums and Conferences shy away from divulging.? In your journey, prior to the scaling of your Company above gravitational height into the next level, your organization and yourself would go through moments of extreme pain and scrutiny. It is during these times that you as the chief player, must prove to be worthy of your office. The momentarily fall doesn’t matter, what matters is your ability to rise up, dust up quickly and keep walking.?‍♂️Please don’t run even if you can, please walk until you gather momentum?. It’s ok to be afraid but cease the fear by the horn.? It is ordained that, friends you dinned with must betray you, families must get worn out at a point, those you broke your spine for must actually stab you in the back. Janitors must spit on your face, you must suffer psychological torture and excruciating bodily pains. Unfortunately, mum cannot breast feed you at that point. You may be separated from those you love for a long time. If you believe in God, your only refuge, must be under “nature’s” wings. Learn to fight legal battles, kick some folks in the back if you strategically have to, be immune to pain if possible.? “You don’t need to see the end of the staircase, just take the first step with FAITH” -Martin Luther King.

In all the days of your life as an entrepreneur, you would have to wrestle with the ever present “force of gravity”, but note that, businesses, no matter the size and might, do not die by homicide, they die by suicide.?. You have a choice to make.?‍♀️ Refreshingly, beyond all these lies the “bliss of success”. The choice is yours. Do you want to be an entrepreneur???? #NamSpeaks#GhanaShallprosper??

Checkout the video below;

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