Video: Nadia Buari gives tips on how to control stress amidst the coronavirus outbreak

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The fear and panic the deadly coronavirus comes along with is so high that it might kill some people without them contracting the disease itself. Some Ghanaians get stressed out when they hear the number of confirmed cases gets increasing day in day out.

As it stands now, there’s no medication for the deadly disease therefore one only needs to take precautions and practice good personal hygiene always. Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has shared her views on how Ghanaians could control the fear and panic the disease carries along.

According to her, one just have to decide on the amount of news they want to feed on or be informed about and not reading and believing everything they see on social media, adding that, one have to be active in some other activities taking their minds off the news to keep themselves calm.

She posted on her Instagram page “This pandemic has us all facing more stress and uncertainty than usual. It also has many of us asking: “How do we keep from spiraling into full-blown panic? Well..personally, I take in the amount of news i need to take in to be informed, but I also know how to turn away from my screens, take long drives and just listen to beautiful inspiring songs like this that nourishes my soul, because trust me, most of these depressing news will just agitate you. Stay safe and keep calm. God has us.”

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