Video: Nigerian President And Governors Will Not Be Happy As Rudeboy Of Psquare Drops Banger Against Them Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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Paul Okoye of PSquare popularly known as Rubeboy or King Rudy has dropped as song for the Nigerian government amidst the coronavirus outbreak as the numbers keeps increasing.

Recall that Don Jazzy came out via his official Twitter handle laughing at government officials in Nigeria for not being able to travel out of the country to seek medical help all because of the coranavirus pandemic with all travels being halted to stop the spread.

Don Jazzy’s tweet which reads ” Build hospital build hospital una no hear. Now you can not go abroad.” has now generated a lot of controversies as Nigeria is currently battling issues with regards to not having adequate hospitals to treat serious deseases.

Paul Okoye has taken advantage of the situation and given the best reply to the Nigerian government with a song and i’m already loving it.

Checkout the video below for the full gist;