Video: Nigerians blast Regina Daniels for degrading Nigerian Security as she turns a Nigerian Police into a domestic servant

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Young Nollywood actress and billionaire wife Regina Daniels has been bashed by Nigerian Disc Jockey, Abass Tijan for using a police officer as her domestic staff in public. If we recall weeks ago a video of the young actress on set with her escort holding a fan for her to cool herself while she shoot her scenes of a movie went viral.

A lot of people reacted to the video and Nigerian DJ Abass Tijan has lambasted the billionaire wife for degrading Nigerian security by turning a police woman into her domestic staff on set. He posted on Instagram expressing how disappointed he is in the actress and the Nigerian security system. He wrote This is one of the worst images I’ve seen – when the symbol of a nation’s security apparatus is reduced to THIS. Is this what the Nigeria Police Force has been reduced to – domestic servants – while in UNIFORM – and this appears to be more the norm than the exception – security for hire.

Does anyone realize what this does to the collective psyche of the people – and that of the police? How on earth can the citizenry see the police as an effective symbol of authority and fairness? Shouldn’t the position and integrity of the police be sacrosanct? Will this image inspire the next generation to want to be police officers? Or am i the one being too sensitive? … and look at the demeanour of the police officer? I get a sense that she’s actually ashamed at this very moment!! Her face says it all. Why is mainstream media not addressing THIS? The lady in the video is Nollywood actress Regina Daniels – Nwoko.”

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