Video: Nigerians hail Bobrisky for his advice and encouragement

by - 1 min

Controversial Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky has been applauded following her advise to her fans and followers not to bother themselves about what people say.

According to her, no matter what one does people will still have something to say about that therefore there’s no need stressing yourself in order to please others.

To her, it’s best if you be yourself and enjoy your life provided what you are doing is right and in your interest because not everyone on this earth will love or like whatever you do.

She posted on her Instagram page saying one shouldn’t forget to be him/herself or who he/she wants to be, adding never to pay attention to haters because they will try to bring you down.

Some Nigerian celebrities alongside her fans and followers applauded her for giving such a great advise and encouragement while reacting to her video.