Video: Obrafour Only Wants Money But I Will Fight Him Boot For Boot For The World To Know The Evil In Him – Stonebwoy’s Hype Girl Reacts To Obrafour’s Lawsuit

You would recall that we reported on Aisha Mordi, popularly known on social media as She_loves_Stonesbwoy, making a shocking revelation in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show with regards to Ghanaian legendary rapper ‘Obrafour’ being an ungrateful person.

Aisha Modi in the interview labeled Obrafour as ungrateful because she invested a whopping $45,000 in Kasiebo and did not make a penny back. She disclosed that Obrafour did not pay her a cobo from the revenue the whole project generated.

Obrafour was not happy about the whole Ayisha Modi and her $45,000 investment which she claimed to have invested in his. Obrafour’s record label, Execution Entertainment released a press statement to that effect to address the whole issue. The press statement details what really transpired and also a message to those who wants to keep spreading the falsehood regarding the who drama started by Atisha Modi.

Frank Agyekum, who was once Obrafour’s manager in an interview with Onua FM disclosed and stated on records that Ayisha Modi is not a liar and that she actually invested the said amount in Obrafour’s music.

Apparently, It was Obrafour’s manager, Frank Agyekum, who went to Ayisha Modi for financial support in the bid to support Obrafour’s career and she willing gave out the money.

Well, information currently gathered by our outfit indicates that Obrafour is looking forward to serve Ayisha Modi a writ of surmon from the High/Circuit Court of Justice for defamation of character.

Report has it that the writ of summons was supposed to reach Ayisha Modi on October 27, 2020, but the die hard fan of Stonebwoy is out of reach. Information also gathered indicates that they have roamed every corner and ghetto in Accra just to serve Ayisha Modi but all efforts to reach her has proved unsuccessful as to why they decided to leak the writ via social media and the general public.

Checkout the writ below;

Well, Ayisha Modi has since reacted to the summon by Obrafour and according to her Obrafour just wants money but she is going to go all out to fight him for the world to know how evil the rapper is.

Checkout the video below by clicking the link for the full gist;

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