Video: Old Man Who Cried Like A Baby After His Young Girlfriend Dumped Him Finally Speaks

We earlier reported on a viral video which has been spotted by our outfit regarding the sad and shocking moment an old man was crying after being jilted by his lover.

From the video and based on what the old man was saying, it looked like he was snitched on by a close friend. From the look of things also, Akua Afriyie did not do any thorough investigation before calling things off between herself and the old man.

The old man could not hold his tears as he reveals he’s been crying all day. He also added that all the things being said about him are never true and that he is no such person.


Well, in an interview with radio and TV presenter, Kofi Adomah, on Kofi TV, the man who is currently based in the US disclosed that the video was mistakenly sent to the wrong person via WhatsApp. He added that the video was meant for Akua Afriyie and not his friend but the said friend decided to leak it on social media.

He also added that the video recording was old and that it was recorded some 8 years ago when his ex-lover, had problems with him. He added that he became very worried when the video went viral because he has moved on with his life and that it was a thing of the past. He also added that he has moved on.

Checkout the video below;



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