Video: Princess Shyngle flood the Internet with sexy Videos after her Sad “Miscarriage”

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Gambian born actress and producer, Princess Shyngle recently in an emotional video on her Youtube channel shared the sad story about how she lost her pregnancy just when her fiance, Frederic Badji was arrested for allegedly committing fraud.

While many people went on the rampage to take her to the cleaners for supposedly cooking up stories just to get a lot of likes and money from her channel, she has protested vehemently that it is never the case.

Well, after days of being quite silent on social media, she is back posting a lot of videos and pictures on her Instagram story.

In the latest videos chanced on, it seems all is well with the actress despite all the drama her life has witnessed lately.

One thing which is however shocking is how all of a sudden her waist area which looked very bloated when she claimed to be pregnant is back to the tiny and ‘tapoli’ shape size many feared.

Check out the videos below