Video: Rev. Moses Sampene Exposes Funny Face, Reveals How The Actor Allegedly Went For Juju To Become Famous

Recall that we earlier reported on Funny Face recording himself in cuffs whiles he is being taken to court? According to the comic actor, he was jailed on February 14 till the next morning February 15. He also added that he is being taken to court as at the time he recorded the video.

Well, Ghanaian pastor, Prince Elisha Osei Kofi, has also made a bold statement with regards to the drama going on in the life of Funny Face.

According to Pastor Prince Elisha Osei Kofi, a popular Ghanaian celebrity is behind what is happening to Funny Face. He also added that the said celebrity took Funny Face somewhere just to see him go mad just to disgrace him to Ghanaians.

Pastor Prince further added that Funny Face and the said celebrity recently smoked the peace pipe but the celebrity could not undo whatever he or she did to the comic actor. He used the opportunity to call on Ghanaians to remember Funny Face in prayers or else we will all wake up one day and see Funny running naked in his house.

Also in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM, Prophetess Mama Sarah disclosed that Funny Face has been cursed by a thick tall woman.

According to Mama Sarah, she had a strange dream concerning Funny Face and in that dream she saw a woman strip naked just to curse the actor.

She added that the lady was heard saying Funny Face will suffer for the rest of his life. According to Mama Sarah, the curse which was placed on Funny Face worked on the actor because his family gave permission to the spirit in the spiritual realms.

Well, in a latest interview with Oman Channel which has been sighted by, senior pastor of Reverend Moses Addo Sampene has made a bold revelation on what he actually claims are the woes of Funny Face’s troubles.

According to the senior pastor os Shalom Chapel International, Funny Face woes are as a result of a step he took some few years ago all in his quest to become famous. Rev. Sampene in the interview revealed that he went before God and asked him why children are attracted to Funny Face including his own.

According to the man of God, what God told him was that Funny Face took a spiritual step which has nothing to do with the church. He stated that Funny went to seek spiritual help from a place because all his efforts were not working.

Checkout the video below;



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