Video: Sarz drags MI Abaga on twitter for saying Sarz ejaculated on him self the first day he “MI Abaga” took him to a club

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Nigerian music producer Sarz has jabbed MI Abaga over his disclosure in an Instagram live chat with his fellow rapper, Blaq Bonez. Talking to Blaq Bonez, MI Abaga recall the moment he took Sarz to a club with a lot of women around, Sarz couldn’t himself and ejaculated within a few minutes.

This didnt go down well with Sarz as he took to Twitter to show his disappointment. He wrote: @MI_Abaga You’re very very Stupid for stooping so low to chat shit on blaqbonez ig live. Since you think it’s cool to cook up stories and dent my character online then all my respect for you is out the window.