Video: Shatta Wale reacts after his Daughter “Shatta Berry” cried on stage while performing his song

Shatta Wale has reacted to Shatta Berry’s superb performance at the TV3 Talented Kidz. Shatta Berry proved that she is a fountain of talent although she almost flopped last night at the TV3 Talented Kidz. Shatta Berry, the Dancehall kid known for her ability to sing Shatta Wale’s songs from A to Z got stacked on stage during a performance on TV3’s talented kids.

The star girl was performing her own rendition of Shatta Wale’s popular song: Aye Halfcast. At a point, she seemed to have forgotten her lyrics and nearly panicked.

Some people also blamed her pause on the Disc Jockey saying he or she might have tempered with her microphone to go off. Fortunate for her, the very supportive female judge, Auntie Paulina asked her to start altogether, and she got it perfectly done. Her comeback spirit is highly commendable.

Hours after her performance, Shatta Wale retweeted her craft and also posted a photo of her on his Snapchat handle to express how much he loves him.

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